Rod Squad Relay

Event Details

Date: September 14, 2013
Location: Otisco Lake Community Center, Marietta, NY
Funds Raised: $2,225

From the Host

Name: Shannon Hourigan

Journey with Histio

Rod was a close family friend. He grew up as our neighbor, worked on the family farm, attended dinners and joined vacations. He worked as a Syracuse Police Officer in the K-9 unit for 22 years. Rod was diagnosed with HLH as an adult after living an otherwise healthy life. A short time after the start of his treatment, Rod passed away in the hospital. Being in the healthcare field and never hearing of HLH, I wanted to raise awareness and money for the Histiocytosis Association. Individuals deal with death differently; I prefer to remember the good times and laughter shared between Rod and his friends. Our race is a great way to keep memories of Rod alive for many years to come.

Planning the Event

Running is a big part of my life, so I decided a relay race was a perfect idea to raise money and promote a healthy lifestyle. The 18-mile race loops around Otisco Lake, the first of the Finger Lakes in New York. During the planning phase we learned multiple individuals were interested in running the whole 18 miles solo! The race takes place during the fall months and the foliage is a great attraction. We receive generous donations from local businesses and they are used as prizes for race winners.

Event Recap

In the past 2 years, we have had about 50 runners participate. In addition, we have had multiple police officers with their K-9 partners volunteering. Children at the race are able to interact with the dogs. A police escort at the beginning and end of the race provides safety for the runners. While encouraging healthy habits and providing a challenging, hilly course, we raised about $2,225 for the Histiocytosis Association in 2013. This year we had great weather, good food and lots of fun at the post-race party.


Helping to fund research and raise awareness makes all the hard work of organizing the event worth the effort. Avoiding the pain, suffering and lack of awareness of HLH could help families and people affected by the disease be better prepared in the future. This is what we hope to accomplish with our fundraising efforts.

Please consider donating in support of Rod Squad Relay and the Histiocytosis Association.

Rod Squad Relay Photos

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