Grants Awarded

Biomarker Profiles in Hemophagocytic Diseases: A Systems Biology Approach

Principal Investigator
E. Marion Schneider PhD
Universitätsklinikum Ulm – Ulm, Germany

Date of Award
November 2009

Amount of Award

Layperson Summary
The current approach aiming at the identification of Biomarker profiles in 1) HLH and in 2) LCH aims at the identification of unique marker combinations resulting in a high specificity and high sensitivity to identify active disease in HLH, to provide information on identical or different profiles in familial as compared to acquired HLH and to provide a measure of disease activity during treatment. Similarly LCH patients shall be tested for markers significantly increased or decreased during active disease as compared to remission or as compared to common infections. Therefore the profiles identified by sophisticated multiplexed analysis including cytokines, soluble receptors and proteases, shall be compared to the profiles already identified for the cytokine storm in Trauma-related SIRS as well as to sepsis and septic shock. For the statistical analysis, three approaches will be applied: U-statistics, cluster analysis and hierarchical clustering mu-stat.