Grants Awarded

Histiocyte Society Clinical Trials Database System LCH-IV Treatment Protocol Study

Project Administrators
Histiocyte Society Executive Board
LCH Study Reference Center – Vienna, Austria

Date of Award
December 2011

Amount of Award

Layperson Summary
The Histiocyte Society Clinical Trials Database System (HSCTDS)—an online, remote data entry system—will be built under the supervision of the Histiocyte Society. The company creating and hosting the system, Austrian Research Centers, was chosen by the Histiocyte Society Executive Board following a review of proposals from a variety of database companies specializing in online clinical data management.

While the HSCTDS will initially be used to collect information for the LCH-IV Treatment Protocol Study (LCH-IVTPS), it will eventually serve as the database for all current and future Histiocyte Society Clinical Trials.  The system will allow participants (physicians placing a patient or patients in the study) from around the world to conduct direct entry of patient information, whereas previous studies have required that data to be sent to a central location responsible for data entry.  This new entry method decreases the time necessary to complete the lengthy paperwork associated with clinical trial questionnaires.

In order to facilitate effective data collection and patient enrollment, the HSCTDS will incorporate cutting edge technology that includes mandatory data field completion and an automatic, patient follow-up notification system that alerts participants of the need to provide a subsequent data report.  The increased efficiency of the HSCTDS will expedite the completion of the LCH-IVTPS, as well as other future studies, and result in the prompt publication and distribution of its findings, and those of subsequent projects.

Twelve Month Report