Matching and Workplace Gifts

Workplace Giving Campaigns

United Way

The United Way Worldwide is a nonprofit organization that works with more than 1,200 local United Way offices throughout the country in a coalition of charitable organizations to pool efforts in fundraising and support. The issues the United Way offices focus on are determined locally because communities differ, but the main areas include education, income, and health. 

The United Way campaign seasons vary per local office, but generally run from mid-August to mid-February. Find your local campaign office here:

While the Histiocytosis Association is not a United Way member agency, we can receive donations through the Donor Choice Program. This program allows employees to direct all or part of their donation to a specific non-member agency. Non-member agencies are not monitored by the United Way, but their tax exempt status is verified. 

Follow these steps to support the Association through the Donor Choice Program: 

  • Obtain a Donor Choice or Donor Option Form from your employer. 
  • Specify that your United Way gift should be directed to:
    Histiocytosis Association
    332 North Broadway
    Pitman, New Jersey 08071 
  • Indicate on your Donor Choice/Option Form that you would like the Histiocytosis Association to acknowledge your gift.  
  • If requested, provide the Association’s Federal Tax ID# 22-2827069. 
  • Return your Donor Choice/Option Form and company pledge cards as instructed by your employer. 

Please note that some United Way branches do not participate in the Donor Option Program. If this is the case in your area, please contact the Histiocytosis Association, as we may be able to find a solution. 

For more information on the United Way, please visit 

Please call the Histiocytosis Association at +1 856-589-6606 or email with any questions. 

Matching Gift Programs

Many companies offer Matching Gift Programs--when an employee makes a donation to a charity, the company will make a donation in the same amount, or sometimes more, to that same charity. A matching gift is a wonderful and easy way to double, even triple, the impact of your gift.

Check with your human resources or community relations department to find out if your company participates in a Matching Gift Program and obtain the necessary form to request that the company match your donation. The form may also be found on the company’s website. Once completed, mail your form to:

Histiocytosis Association
Matching Gifts
332 North Broadway
Pitman, NJ 08071

If your company uses an online system to manage its Matching Gift Program, please complete the online form as needed. In either case, the Association will verify your initial donation and that of your company’s when it is received.

Please note: Many companies will not match gifts where goods and/or services bearing a fair market value were exchanged (e.g., a silent auction purchase, an admission ticket that includes a meal). Check with your company representative to ensure you submit the proper gift amount.

If you have any questions about Matching Gift Programs, please call the Association at +1 856-589-6606 or email us at