Research Grants Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions for Successful Research Grant recipients

Complete Funding Acceptance Agreement

All terms, conditions, expectations and due dates will be outlined in a Funding Acceptance Agreement prior to the disbursement of funds. This form must be signed by the primary investigator and department chair.

Submit Required Reports

Twelve-month final reports are due by January 31 (one month after funding has ended) unless otherwise noted. Reports must be received by the due date in order to maintain compliance with this agreement. Failure to submit timely reports may require returning the awarded funds and could impact the awarding of funding in the future.

Twelve-month reports must include:

  1. Lay person report: a one-page summary of the findings as related to the established goals, written for the non-scientific person in layman’s terms. Inclusion of how these findings may affect to patients/treatments in the future is encouraged. This report will be accessible to the public.
  2. Scientific Report: a longer, in-depth explanation of the findings of the study as related to the established goal written in scientific terms. Inclusion of graphs and diagrams is permitted. his report will be distributed to the Association Board of Trustees, as well as the Histiocyte Society Scientific Committee, for internal review.
  3. Financial Report: This report should be modeled on the example financial report provided with the Twelve-month report reminder which will be provided. Financial reports should reflect the detailed budget proposal submitted with the grant application. The Histiocytosis Association reserves the right to request proof of purchase(s) should any inconsistencies arise with the submitted financial reports and originally submitted budget in the grant application. This report is for internal review.
    • The Histiocytosis Association will not fund overhead costs, travel budgets or principal investigator salaries.
    • It is recommended that Institutions retain receipts for at least three (3) years in case a financial audit is required and receipts must be produced. Institutions may be required to return any funds for which receipts cannot be produced should an audit occur.

Disclose Remaining Funds

It is required that all granted funds be spent in and be in accordance with the budget provided in the grant application. In the event that all funds cannot be spent during the grant funding period, a request for an extension should be made to  Failure to request an extension and/or use all funds may result in the entire funding amount being required to be returned.

Extensions For Funding

Should funding not be spent during the grant funding period, a written extension request may be submitted to This request should be submitted a minimum of 15 days prior to the end of the funding period (December 31).

Extensions For Reports

In limited situations, an extension may be provided for the required reports. Requests for extensions must be submitted a minimum of 5 days prior to the report due date (January 31).

Returning of Funds

Should funds need to be returned or forfeited, they must be returned via check and be in US dollars, unless other arrangements are agreed upon by the Histiocytosis Association.

Publishing of Findings

The Primary Investigator agrees to make every effort to publish findings of this project in appropriate medical journals. Upon publication, the Primary Investigator will notify the Histiocytosis Association of the publication providing the publication’s details for inclusion on the Histiocytosis Association’s website, emails and other communication outlets as allowed by publisher.

Submit Bio and Photo

Primary investigator will be requested to submit a picture and biography to be used on our website and in communications.

Submit Written Abstract to the Annual Meeting of the Histiocyte Society

Grantees are required to submit a written abstract, in the format required, for presentation at the Annual Meeting of the Histiocyte Society.

Submit a Proposal

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