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Request for Research Proposals

The application window is from April 17-June 16, 2024 

Proposals for scientific research are accepted for studies into the causes, mechanisms, and improved means of treatment for histiocytic disorders. Proposals are evaluated on the basis of science, feasibility, and relevance. All proposals are expected to address one or more of the histiocytic disorders; below are areas of particular interest; however, all relevant areas of interest are considered. 

  • Mechanisms of disease pathogenesis
  • Biology (maturation, migration and immune function) of dendritic cells, macrophages and/or lymphocytes in disease pathogenesis
  • Derangements of cytokine production or function
  • Neurologic and neuropsychiatric manifestations of histiocytosis
  • Studies of rare histiocytosis subtypes/forms-- Juvenile xanthogranuloma, Erdheim-Chester disease, Rosai-Dorfman disease
  • Studies of histiocytic disorders in adults
  • Discovery of new disease markers
  • Quality of life, symptomatology, and survivorship

Submission Guidelines

The 2024 application window will be from April 17 through June 16. 

In addition to the guidelines outlined below, all applications should follow the Research Proposal Format Guidelines.

  • Proposals must be submitted via the Histiocytosis Association website through the online Research Grants Portal.
  • An applicant must be a full-time faculty member at an academic institution.
  • Proposals must be submitted in the English language and follow the Research Proposal Format.
    • Files must be uploaded as an optimized, single file PDF (maximum size of 300 MB).
    • Proposals must use standard formatting requirements (11 point Arial font, ½ inch margins, single-spaced).
    • The scientific section (C1-C6) of the proposal may not exceed six (6) pages; proposals exceeding this specified limit of six (6) pages will be returned without review.  Biographical sketches, lay summaries and budgets may extend beyond the (6) pages.
    • Proposals must indicate other sources of funding.
  • Applicants/investigators will receive an automatic confirmation of receipt of their proposal by email. Applicants/investigators will not be able to edit them after submission.
  • Principal investigators may submit only one proposal for funding.
  • Research Grants are awarded for one (1) year projects up to the amount announced.  Proposals in excess of the announced amount or for periods longer than one (1) year will not be reviewed.
  • Funding is awarded to the Principal Investigator’s institution only. It is the responsibility of that institution to disburse funding for joint projects.
  • The Association does not fund overhead costs, travel budgets, or principal investigator salaries.
  • Proposals to receive renewal or additional new funding for a previously funded project are discouraged.

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Additional Information

Prior to submitting an application, we encourage you to review our Terms and Conditions and Frequently Asked Questions. 

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