Peer Chats

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Peer to Peer Connection

No one should have to face a diagnosis of histiocytosis alone! Whether you were personally impacted as a patient, a family member, or a friend, this journey can feel isolating, scary, and uncertain. The Histio Peer to Peer Chats provide a forum for patients and caregivers to connect as a community. In these meetings we lift one another up, offer support and compassion, and share our histio stories. While each session is focused on a particiular histiocytic disorder or patient-family group, you are welcome to join any session of interest. 

The meetings are hosted online using Zoom platform. A Zoom account is not required, however you will need to register in advance to join the call.

*This is a new program - additional sessions/topics will be added as we grow!*

Groups by Histiocytic Disorder

There are support groups for patients and for caregivers, depending on the histiocytic disorder! Join the group(s) that feel the most beneficial for you.

Grief Support Groups

For those with histio angels, histio grief groups hope to offer connection, support, and healing when managing the hurt of losing a loved one. 



There will not be a medical professional assisting on any of the virtual peer to peer calls. Histiocytosis impacts every patient differently and medical advice cannot be offered in these sessions. We strongly encourage all ideas shared by your peers to be discussed with your physician and/or care team. The Histiocytosis Association designed these sessions to be open, safe, and respectful environments for all who participate. We encourage you to review our Virtual Event Participant Guidelines before joining a call. If you have any questions, contact us at