Scholarship Program

2021 Scholarship Program Accepting Applications

Applications Due: June 7, 2021

The Histiocytosis Association is honored to provide an educational scholarship program for those impacted by histiocytic disorders in the United States.

The Histio Student Scholarship Program celebrates the many advances in research and medicine that are now making it possible for young adult Histio Warriors to step into that next phase of life and chase their dreams as college students.

Since its beginning, in 2019, the Histiocytosis Association has grown both the number of awarded scholarships as well as the dollar amount given. We hope to continue to increase the scholarships each year and expand into other areas of interest, such as medical and graduate students to inspire the next generation of researchers. If you would like to help us reach our goals and help see this program continue to thrive, we invite you to make a donation to our scholarship program here. If you prefer to mail a check, be sure to include "Histio Student Scholarship Program" on the memo line.

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Available Scholarships

There are (4) available scholarships for the 2021-2022 Histio Student Scholarship Program. 

Histio Warrior Scholarship

*Made possible by Histio Hike Shenandoah
**Amount may increase based on proceeds of the Hike in May. $2500 is the minimum award amount.

Histio Warrior Scholarships
$1500 each

*Made possible by donations from the Histio Community

Family Member Scholarship

*Made possible by donations from the Histio Community


  • A United States student impacted by a histiocytic disorder. Student must be a Histio Warrior/patient, sibling, or child/grandchild of an adult patient.
  • Graduating high school senior pursuing an undergraduate degree at an accredited two-year or four-year US college, university or vocational school in the Fall of 2021 and Spring of 2022  -OR-  current college student (of all ages) enrolled in good standing pursuing an undergraduate degree at an accredited two-year or four-year US college, university or vocational school in the Fall of 2021 and Spring of 2022 (scholarship award is split between the 2 semesters)
  • Pursuing an undergraduate degree (Masters or doctorate degrees are not eligible at this time)
  • Full-time or part-time enrollment
  • Current U.S. citizen or legal resident
  • Proof of Permanent address in the United States (Proof = copy of driver’s license or other government-issued ID showing address)
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 from most recent high school or college transcripts

Submission Requirements

  • Completion of the digital application form
  • A short personal biography paragraph focusing on your academic and volunteer accomplishments, as well as your journey with histiocytosis
  • Completion of the essay question
  • A front-facing photo
  • Copy of transcripts/proof of GPA
  • Completion of the 2-part digital application described in the Application Process section below

Application Process

There are (3) parts to the application process.

Part 1: Complete the online application form. Access it here.

The application form includes essay style written responses to the following in under 1,000 words:

  • Your Bio: Tell us about yourself, your future college and career ambitions, and describe your (or your family's) journey with histiocytosis.
  • Main Essay Topic: How will receiving this scholarship help you to: 1) strive to become a leader in your field of study; 2) utilize the skills you learn to help raise awareness about histio; AND 3) make a positive difference in the world because of your education? Your essay should address ALL three of the points listed in this question.
  • Short Answer (less than 500 words): If you could say anything to the people who have provided support for this scholarship as well as the search for better treatments and a cure for histio, what would you say?

Part 2: Upload the required documentation to the document portal:

  • a good quality front-facing photo
  • proof of residency (most common: driver's license)
  • transcripts (proof of GPA)

Part 3: Upload the required Letter of Recommendation Form to the document portal.

All applicants must complete both parts of the application process as described above. Confirmation of application will be provided by email upon receipt of both parts of the application. All applications must be received digitally. Applications will be reviewed by a committee at the Histiocytosis Association. Applicants will be notified of the decision approximately 6-8 weeks after the application deadline via email.

A special announcement featuring information about the recipients will be released publicly by the Histiocytosis Association. By applying for the scholarship program, applicants grant the Histiocytosis Association full and complete rights to all submitted content to use in full, part or as a derivative of the original. Current paid employees of the Histiocytosis Association and their families are not eligible.

Awarded scholarships will be split between the Fall and Spring semesters for the upcoming academic year and will be disbursed directly to the college/university upon verification of enrollment.

Terms and Conditions

Scholarship Awardees

Get to know our previous scholarship awardees and their histio stories.

Joseph Joseph Raty
$4,625 Histio Warrior Scholarship in honor of Jeffrey Toughill, provided by Histio Hike Shenandoah

Senior @ Brigham Young University
Major: Neuroscience

Joseph is a Senior Neuroscience major at Brigham Young University and is preparing to apply to medical school during the upcoming year. He was diagnosed with LCH at the age of 14 after a biopsy of a lesion in his jaw, which led to the discovery of more lesions in his hips and shins. Joseph underwent a six-month course of chemotherapy and aside from one setback a year later, he has been well since.

Joseph applied for the scholarship program last year and chose to try again this year, reflecting on how much he had grown the previous year. As Joseph has gotten older, he’s understanding more about how his journey with LCH is shaping his decisions in life.

He says, “As I was undergoing treatment, I was drawn to the character of the doctors and healthcare workers I interacted with. I admired their breadth of knowledge and calm optimism and felt their work was a cause worthy of my own devotion. In the last few years I’ve been guided by those feelings as I’ve begun to work towards becoming a physician myself. To those who have provided support for the search for better treatments and a cure for Histiocytosis, I just want to say that I can’t wait to join you!”

Charlotte Charlotte Holland 
$1,000 Histio Warrior Scholarship

Freshman @ Belmount University
Major: Music Business

Charlotte graduated from Union County Academy for Performing Arts, majoring in dance. Her love of the arts and learning how to produce music with her dad have led her to pursue a degree in Music Business at Belmont University, where she’ll be a freshman this year.

Charlotte was diagnosed with histiocytosis at 8 months old. She suffered from tumors, bone lesions, and pain as a child. Growing up, Charlotte soon realized she was different from the other kids and had to overcome the fear of how quickly her life could change from one little bump on her body and the threat of reoccurrence. She took this fear and turned it into a drive to make the most of life and chase her dreams. She attributes her success so far to her parents and grandmother who were constantly by her side. Although, she doesn’t remember much about being sick at such a young age she recognizes how important her family’s role was in making sure she understands histio and is prepared to take care of herself as an adult.

Charlotte knows she wants to be active in the music scene and is excited to figure out exactly which part of it she’ll find her career in - whether that be producing music or becoming a tour manager traveling on the road.

Christina Christina Collings
$1,000 Histio Family Member Scholarship

Senior @ The University of Florida
Major: Biomedical Engineering

Christina Collings is the daughter of a Histio Warrior. Her mom was diagnosed with LCH when Christina was just seven years old. At age 10, Christina began facing her own health struggles when she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Born and raised in New Jersey, Christina moved to Florida to live with her sister and family while attending school at The University of Florida studying biomedical engineering. Christina says her goal as a biomedical engineer is to one day contribute to a new device or technology to have the same impact on people as diabetic technologies have had on her and her family. Sadly, Christina’s mom passed away in 2019 after a 12-year battle with LCH.

Being her mother’s caregiver and living with her illness have helped her focus on her future career aspirations. Christina says, “One reason why I chose this major is to utilize modern technology to make the lives of people with disabilities more manageable and make them feel more normal in a world that may not fully comprehend their difficulties.”

Christina looks forward to being able to make a difference in the world and honor her mom’s memory by raising awareness for histiocytosis.

Kiley Kiley Sileikis

Kiley is a student at Northampton Community College studying Applied Psychology.  She was diagnosed with Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis in 2013, just before she turned 17 years old.  Her dream is to use her education and training in psychology to help others in need.  She is also an active volunteer with the Bushkill Volunteer Fire Company Auxiliary.


Casey Jenkins

Casey is planning to attend Liberty University in the Fall of 2019 studying a dual major of Policy and Politics as well as History. During high school, Casey was very active in student government, his church and several other activities.

He, along with his family, have hosted an annual event benefiting the Histiocytosis Association. "Casey's Bull Roast" has raised over $165,000 in 10 years.

After earning his undergraduate degree, Casey hopes to continue his studies by earning a Masters degree.

Nathan Nathan Montag

Nathan will be a freshman at the University of Wisconsin Madison in the Fall of 2019. He is looking forward to studying Special Education and eventually going on to earn a Masters in Secondary Education. His passion for Special Education developed through a series of extraordinary events through high school and he looks forward to making a difference in the lives of many in the future. 

Thank you from our 2020 Scholarship Awardees

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