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State Resource Researcher

Number of Volunteers Desired for Position: Multiple 

Position Overview: The State Resource Researcher will be responsible for periodically looking through the Histiocytosis Association website directories, checking the accuracy of the resources and investigating additional resources that can be included on the site. Please note that there will be times when the Association will be unable to use certain suggestions by the volunteer. 

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:  

The Histiocytosis Association’s Resource Directory is designed to help ease the burden of searching for needed resources and tools while managing your diagnosis. The directory covers topics from Financial support to Transporation resources to Emotional support, and aims to include everything in between.

The Physician Directory is a searchable map of physicians with specific experience supporting patients with histiocytic disorders, created to assist our members in finding local experts for care in managing histiocytosis.

  • Periodically read over entire Association’s Resource Directory and Physician Directory
  • Look for outdated resources and areas of opportunity for new resources   
  • Check/test all links to ensure proper connection 
  • Notify appropriate Association staff person if a link is invalid or if misspelled words are found 
  • Suggest additional programs, resources, partnerships for Association website 
  • Alert Association staff of any significant issues encountered while performing volunteer duties 
  • Adhere to the Association’s policies for Website Content Reviewer volunteers, privacy, confidentiality & reporting time 
  • Other related duties as necessary 

Qualifications and Requirements: 

  • Successful completion of volunteer application and orientation process 
  • Ability to receive and perform instructions from immediate supervisors and Association staff as needed 
  • Internet/email access 
  • Some non-traditional hours potentially requested 

Special Skills, Education, or Experience: 

  • High school diploma or GED required 
  • Experience with and knowledge of the Internet required 

Time Commitment: 

  • Approximately 5 hours per month 

Preparation and Training: 

  • Approximately two (2) 30-minute training sessions which consists of both personal reading and a training session